Business Rule Management
  • Business Unit Management
    All sites/outlets/branches/ATM/cash centres which have service requirements can be managed in a unified way in the system.
  • ATM / Bank Branch Master Data Management
    To create an CIT order, you may need some bank branch, cash center master data, as well as to create an ATM replenishment or FLM/SLM/PM order, you need some ATM master data support. For example: ATM machine type, cassette type, regional location, openning hour, fault list, etc.
  • User Management
    Users can register service requirements directly in the system. After approval and confirmation by relevant company leaders, system will send orders to service providers automatically.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Unified management of contractual relationships with different service providers. Specific service rules are defined in the relationship. According to the specific requirements of service type, time, place, frequency and amount defined in the rules, the system can automatically generate orders and send them to service providers without approval.
  • Flexible Approval Process Configuration
    Customers can set different approval processes according to different service types.
  • Service Bills
    For different service providers, according to different types of service orders, combined with SLA results, the service bills with service providers are generated automatically.
Blockchain Technology Application

Take the bank as an example, in the traditional ecological system, besides the bank itself, it also includes upstream customers, peer banks and other financial institutions, downstream service providers. However, because the credit of enterprises can not be transferred and information can not be shared, the efficiency of transaction and cooperation between the same industry and various service providers is relatively low.

  • Blockchain Engine supports Hyperledger Fabric (1.4 LTS) under the Linux Foundation. The upcoming first channel of Blockchain will be Swap Cash between banks or retails.

  • The first channel aims at reducing the complexity of connecting different banks with the same financial services(Swap Cash), verifying data on the same blockchain platform, eliminating the risk of repentance, and increasing security and validity.

  • The smart contract of Blockchain can realize the automatic liquidation of funds and accelerate the efficiency of business operation and capital circulation.

One-stop Order Lifecycle Management
    • Order Registration

      Customers can create current mainstream CIT service orders, while bank customers can also create ATM Refilling/Replenishment and FLM/SLM/PM orders.


      Cash Sorting

      ATM Replenishment

      Swap Cash

    • Order Approval

      After a certain approval process to get the approval and confirmation from the relevant leaders, the created orders can be sent to the service providers.




    • Order Tracking

      Users with relevant privileges can not only see the approval process of the order execution but also real-time see some key status information of the orders after they are sent to the service providers. For example order preparation, route departure, start execution, finish execution, reconciliation and so on.

      Order Preparation

      Route Departure

      Field Operation


    • Order Processing under exceptional case

      The system also supports such exceptional operations if the sent orders need to be modified or canceled temporarily for special reasons.

      Revise Order

      Cancel Order

      Change Vehicle/Crew

      Ad hoc Order

    • Order Statistics

      Users can count the number, completion, and distribution of orders of different order types over a period of time.

      Order Number

      Order Type

      Order Completion

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