What business is applicable to?
  • Cash Center
    • Cash Inventory Report

    • Cash Deposit/Withdraw

    • Central Bank

    • Swap Cash/Exchange

    • Forex

    • Cash Forecasting

    • Online/Offline Banknote Destruction Control

  • ATM
    • Replenishment

    • PM/FLM/SLM

    • Load Screen/ATM Cleaning

    • Cash Counting/Reconcile

    • After-sale Service

    • Cash Predictive Analysis

  • Cash and Valuables-In-Transit
    • Collect/Deliver Cash and Valuables

    • Cash Processing

    • Change Fund

    • Auto Route Planning

  • 1. Create service order

    User creates order one by one manually or by batch upload or from AICashing sending. 

  • 2. Prepare for order execution

    The created order is automatically sent to the relevant department. For example, cash center will prepare cash. The operation department will arrange people, vehicle, on-board goods, and make order execution plans.

  • 3. Order execution

    PDA seamlessly manages the whole process of order execution: vehicle binding, order executor identification, goods receiving from vault, transportation tracking, customer identification verification, goods handing over and registration, goods returning to warehouse handover, etc.

  • 4. Cash Inventory and Reconciliation

    Through manual registration of cash, inventory records of goods, or automatic acquisition of inventory reconciliation results from the counting machine, the reconciliation results and related reports are generated directly by the system.

● Providing complete inventory operation and management functions.
● Automatically balance/reconcile banknote from Order, Reception, to Sorting, Packing, Transferring and Destruction.
● According to compliance requirements, strictly control Online/Offline banknote destruction process and accounting.

● Compute how long the inventory on hand can last for disbursement. And early warning alert to prevent stockouts.
● Forecast when the banknote by denomination or total value will exceed the specified maximum or minimum limit by computing from history of deposits and withdrawals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, banknotes must be quarantined at each cash center for at least 14 days (the parameters/variables can be changed, like number of quarantine days). For the purposes of preventing spread of coronavirus, before disbursement, the system can manage the inventory using FIFO and assist in keeping track of inventory for disbursement.

The system matches the volumes of deposits and withdrawals between commercial banks who have cash deposit and withdrawal needs through cash center (those with a need to deposit surplus banknotes through and those with a need to withdraw more banknotes through cash center). Based on this, different commercial banks can carry out exchange cash through the Swap Cash function in the system. At the same time, the system will also calculate the net volumes of final deposits in /withdrawals from the central bank every day.

In the specified period, analyze the dramatic needs of banknote in combination with configurable data analysis strategies, and predict whether inventory shortage or stockout may occur. For example, the impact of economic crisis, pandemic and seasonal peaks such as holidays on banknote demand. At the same time, the system provides suggestions and management functions for optimizing banknote supply, such as reordering or rescheduling delivery/transportation.

Auto - Route Planning
  • One-click Realize Auto Route Planning

    Combined with the business hours, geographical location, SLA requirements of customers and the available resources of service providers, the system calculate and distribute the orders to be served to different routes according to the artificial intelligence model of "service rules + business data".

  • Fine Operation Forecast

    The system will directly predict the cost of outfield execution of all orders on a certain day, as well as the working time, driving distance of each route, the sequence of order execution, and the expected arrival and departure time of each network, etc.

  • Flexible and Intuitive Route Adjustment Tool

    Thanks to multi-window layout combined with map, it is convenient for users to add order, delete order, adjust the sequence of the order in the route at any time, and even transfer order between different routes.

AIOperating · Features

Integrated general service and cash management solutions make the operation safer, efficient and low cost!

  • Improving Operation Efferency

    Quickly and accurately complete the work that needs lots of time to do by manual traditionally. For example daily inventory of goods, cash and materials inventory reconciliation, operation reports, etc.

  • Reducing Operation Cost

    The system intelligently plans the route mapping by best cost, best distance or best time according to the upcoming day's service order.

  • Enhancing Safety and Risk Management

    Optimize and standardize the operation process to enhance the ability of security and risk control.

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