What we do for “Cash Management”

In a uniform platform (AICashing), banks and commercial customers can release various cash or valuables service orders and manage different service providers. At the same time, service providers can operate in an all-round, efficient and low-cost way under the guide of AIOperating which has covered the preparation before order execution, daily management of objects related to order, plan arrangement of order execution, risk prevention, and operation compliance, operation efficiency analysis, inventory reconciliation, service cost settlement, etc.

Unified Cash Service Management Platform
AIOperating · Auto Route Planning
Integrated general service and cash management solutions make the operation safer, efficient and low cost!

  Standardized business workflow

  Besides employee and vehicle, manage all goods

  Monitoring the whole process of order execution to avoid risks

  Scheduled order execution plan and route mapping intelligently

  Intelligent operation efficiency analysis and report generation;

Pay equal attention to openness and security
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Different banks, commercial customers and service providers can manage their own customers or suppliers on the system. By establishing customer relationship, configuring resource matching relationship between customers and service providers, as well as the agreed service rules, the system can also automatically generate service orders.

  • Connecting through API

    AICashing provides standardized API interfaces in an authorized way. For service providers who already have their own operation management software, they can meet customer's needs to manage orders on AICashing with only a few development.

  • Multi-security Mechanism

    The system uses the three-node architecture that consists of one primary node and two secondary nodes. This architecture provides financial-level data reliability and cross-IDC disaster recovery. 

    The system is protected by a full set of security solutions – anti-DDoS, WAF, malware protection, vulnerability detection, and others.

    Dedicated security R&D team to upgrade solutions as new threats emerge.

BI Service

AICashing BI enables a new model of "service rule+ business data" to present the overall analysis of service management effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of your organization, to help your business operation become more efficient and improve your business insight.

  • Master the KPI of your operation, to realize the service resources planning and talent management;

  • Digital means improved management efficiency, more strict budgeting and cost management, enterprise culture, and employer branding;

  • Multi-dimension, in-depth and comprehensive data graphics help enterprises to avoid decision-making risks and make wise business decisions.

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